Ring Sizing


How to choose the correct size ring? The correct selection of the size of the ring is important. All jewelers follow a standardised sizing scale.

The most important thing is to determine the exact size of the circumference of the finger on which the ring will be worn. It would be best to go to a jewelry shop to have your finger measured. The tools they use are very accurate.

You can also take a ring you wear every day, which fits perfectly, to be measured by a jeweler.

If you have the means at home, then you can measure a ring that fits you well. However, this method is less accurate. The measurement of jewelry is very accurate and a difference of internal diameter of one millimeter covers three ring sizes. The table below provides a detailed description of sizes.

A few points to note:

You should not simply measure the diameter of the ring finger using a simple calliper.

  • As we age, our fingers may expand slightly. Therefore, your ring’s size may now be different than your wedding ring.
  • Fluctuations in body weight, generally affect the size of the finger.
  • The weather, and in particular, the temperature can also have an effect. In the summer, at higher temperatures, the size of the finger increases.
  • The diameter of finger joints is generally greater than the part of finger between them. It is worth remembering that you need to be able to put on and take off the ring.
  • If you have to exert force to push a ring onto your finger, it means that the ring is too tight.
  • The ring and should not fall off when the finger is downwards.
  • If you are purchasing a large ring (with a width between 6 mm to 10 mm), select a size one size larger than usual. 

If you want to buy a ring as a gift

If you do not know the ring size of who you are buying for, ask under any pretext to borrow a ring which the recipient wears and take it to a jeweler to measure.


Please note, as you can see in the table just 1 millimeter of internal diameter can correspond to three different sizes of rings. .Therefore, where possible you are advised to consult a jeweler for measuring to choose the correct size!