Wedding rings

What symbolism carries a wedding ring?

What makes the wedding ring a symbol of love for life? The shape of the circle represents infinity and eternity. A ring of a single alloy, without beginning and end, expresses a unity of spouses they enter during their wedding ceremony. Putting the wedding ring on his wedded wife's finger is the culmination of a wedding ceremony. From now on the world knows that newly wedded couple start their life together not only by a public oath but also a special visible sign, the wedding ring.


Anything else then a classic wedding ring??

A wedding ring is a symbol, and also jewelry that will adorn your hands forever. Even a small detail gives an individual character of the ring. Does not your relationship deserve a special crowning?

Let's start with a fun shape: ring can be flat and wide or have profiled edges. It may have a cutter on the center or have a matte coating, or have a diamond on women's wedding ring. Should material type put a limit? Not at all. It is very Is also very elegant and eye-catching to combine yellow gold with white gold or silver. Fans of gold in its cool color will not be disappointed in the number of possible variations.


On which hand a wedding ring is worn?

Traditionally in most European countries a wedding ring is worn on the right hand. Nowadays, the right hand tradition is not strictly observed and married people of many nationalities also wear wedding rings on their left hands.

What to engrave on a wedding ring?

The only limit to your ideas is the length of the text. Date and names or short maxim to about 40 characters should not be a problem and mostly should fit on the rim. If you want to engrave a longer sentence, a good solution is to divide it into two rings – her's and his.