Ideal Jewellery

Are you wondering what ring shall best express you or a person close to you? Let's not limit your imagination. This unique jewelry can take a really magnificent form.

Classic rim with a diamond crown is a starting point for a wealth of patterns and compounds. Choose between harmony and asymmetry, a strong line and delicacy. Trust your sense of taste. When you find the perfect pattern, it will forever remain in your memory.


What are the main characteristics of stones?

Diamond is the hardest material that occurs in nature. Imagine how precise grinding should be to achieve a prefect diamond cut - a stone with at least 57 facets. Such masterwork brings out the brilliance of a diamond. Diamond's classic shape and its white color make this stone an icon of nobility.

If you are looking for inspiring colors, polished diamonds in black or cognac will surprise you. The true delight for sure is ruby - one of the most unique stones on Earth. Its electrifying red color underlines the character of the owner. The woman's mysterious stone is an emerald, the green, deep color attracts attention. Blue sapphire is a symbol of innocence and it adds class and elegance to any jewelry.


What affects a ring value?

The value determines an amount of of precious metal in the alloy from which a jewelry it is made. Alloys of 960 gold and 925 silver contain the maximum amount of ore. The second measure is expressed in carats and quality alloy (1 carat is equal to ⅟24 gold content). The value of a precious stone is subject to its type, weight, purity and grinding.

How to care of ring?

Protect your jewelry from damage both mechanical and chemical. Remember to pull off your ring when doing your household chores. Keep unused jewelry in a box and limit the access of air. To clean, use only special means.