What kind of jewelry does not cause allergy ?

If you are a woman allergic to different types of earrings, you certainly know how disruptive the problem is. The most common allergy is triggered by imitation jewelry. Earrings with metal cause great irritation, and the main culprit is nickel used in them.

Much safer are earrings with silver and gold. These precious metals are not strong allergens. If you've had problems in the past with these ores, perhaps you allergenic reaction was related to any of the alloying elements or other substance used in the manufacture of jewelry. That's why the earrings made of high carat gold are the most reliable.


How about PEARLS?

Nowhere pearls do not present themselves better that on the ear lobes. This refined and a very exclusive jewelry is a miracle of nature. The process of creating a pearl in clam takes several years..

Pearls delight with subtle play of colors from snow white through pink salmon to blue. They add delicacy and charm to a woman. They blend well with yellow and white gold used in a discreet setting for pearls. One thing is certain: Pearls never go out of fashion and are a lifetime jewelry.


What earrings for girls?

Many mothers have a dream that their baby daughter can wear jewelry received for christening or birthday. When choosing jewelry for your child, you should make sure that earrings are small and lightweight. A clip of English type should minimize the chances of losing an earring.

How clear a precious stone is?

The quality of the stones used in earrings and other jewelry is determined by the following scale: IF - internally clean stones; VVS - very, very small blemish; VS - very small signs; SI - small inclusions visible under a magnifying glass; I1-I3 - visible flaws.