Engagement rings

How to arrange a romantic marriage proposal?

Surprise, emotions, joy ! These are the feelings you want to excite with your beloved during a marriage proposal. A unique arrangement of such event shall help you. If you are wondering what place would be the best to propose, select a place which brings best memories of both of you were there together: favorite restaurant, city place, country site or mountains. This will be an excellent summary of your relationship.

Nothing should spoil the most important moment. Take care of details such as booking a free time and being alone. Think, is there anything else you would like to tell her. Now is the time to ask her to marry you. If you are not blessed with poetic expressions, say it as simply as you can. Make a plan, at which point you reach for the ring. When the engagement ring flashes in her eyes, it will say more than a thousand words.

May be you wonder whether there is a habit of asking parents to marry their daughter is still in force. Today the official proposals happen less and less. But certainly, informal visit with the good news would be an expression of respect for the future in-laws.


How to find out a ring size ?

Please see „RING SIZING” description within our webpage:


How to choose a most suitable ring

If your future bride has a distinct style, surprise her with a modern design of the ring. Bet on effectiveness. It is the perfect choice for a woman with a strong character.

Or maybe you are looking for a ring of an elegant style? Select a timeless design that will accompany her through life.

What is the best selection of make?

Check what type your jewelry she loves the most – that knowledge should help you to choose. Both gold, white gold and silver ore will be suitable for a unique engagement ring. When selecting a stone find out an eye color and a taste of your sweetheart.