Since 2008, Michelson Diamonds LTD has been dedicated to selling the finest quality polished diamonds and natural gemstones available. 

Thanks to the empassioned inspiration of our team of jewelry designers, Michelson Diamonds is a worldwide leader in the jewelry market.  Each design is made with exquisite precision and form that reflects the ever-changing trends in fashion.  The collections at Michelson Diamonds stand out from those of other jewelry companies and our customers are lovers of elegance and beauty. 

In addition to the unique portfolio of jewelry designs, Michelson Diamonds offers customers the opportunity to customize their own pieces as well.  Our expert designers work with the customer to tailor their preferences, helping get every detail of their jewelry vision into a piece they can wear proudly.  The rich range of possibilies, combined with the experience and passion of our designers guarantees a long-lasting, beautiful product. 

All of the stones used in our jewelry are certified by Michelson Diamonds LTD, as well as the most well-recognized laboratories in the gemmological world: GIA, IGI and HRD.